Thursday, July 15, 2010

ODIN!!!! Thor and Captain America Become Three Dimensional Characters!


First picture of Anthony Hopkins as Odin in Marvel's Thor is here!

This movie is going to rock! Both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger will be converted to 3-D whether you like it or not. Thor's in post production and Captain America just started shooting last week, La Times asked Director Joe Johnston about shooting in 3-D.

Johnston did a one-day test shooting with a 3-D rig -- as opposed to shooting in 3-D and converting -- and said it was "a nightmare" due to bulky gear, calibration issues and restricted filmmaking options. He said he's a firm believer, though, in the conversion approach if done right and he's enthused to move forward.

All the 3-D conversions we've seen have either made the image look terrible or have seemed so not three dimensional that it feels like it's the 80's and your sitting in a movie theater wearing shades (People did that back then right? James Spader must have at least done that once in a movie). However 3-D's making huge bank, so just treat it like the now defunct Super Size option at McDonalds, find out if the movie was shot in 3-D (Tron Legacy, Resident Evil: Afterlife) or if it was converted (The Last Airbender, Green Hornet), just because they play it in 3-D doesn't mean you need to see it in 3-D, 2-D is still an option (in select theaters!)

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