Sunday, March 21, 2010

Get the 1UP on HATERS with this GANGSTA PLUMBA!!!

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THIS is for all you G's who need the thuggish bling! Shawty's playing you and sucka's half stepping? Unleash your inna gangsta with this tricked out OG Plumber from the east side! Killa's in your face? Throw a fireball at their punk ass! Don't be jumping down any pipes wit out this! Some mark ass angry bullet chasing you down? Wear THIS dope ice, eat some schrooms and you'll be the BIG dawg on the streets! HAHA! It's raining Koopa's up in this Bitch! Save the Princess and she'll get down in a hot minute when she sees your swagger with THIS! Playa's welcome, imitators get stomped on the head for extra points!

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