Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The David Belle Interview Is Almost Here!

Hey geeks and geekettes! Just wanted to remind everyone about the David Belle interview that will play during the show tomorrow (Thursday at 12 Noon PST) on I know some of you were worried about missing the show and the interview so I want to make sure you all know that there's no need to worry. We plan to get the podcast of the show up by Friday but we'll also have just the interview without the rest of the show for all of you David Belle fans. We're going to try to have the transcript up by Friday at the latest (best case scenario, we'll have the transcript up as soon as the interview finishes airing). Since we only speak English if anyone can give us a hand and translate the transcript for us into any other language (we really mean any language - anything from Spanish to Klingon) we'd really appreciate it. Keep checking back here for more!!

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