Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can the Real Captain America Please Standup?


If you listen to the show you know that we don't tape live, so since we recorded the Marvel show the list for possible Captain America's (for The First Avenger: Captain America) has dramatically changed... not for the better.

Our first list came from a few places like this, and it's:

Chris Pine
Ryan McPartlin
Jensen Ackles
Chad Michael Murry

But with the ever mercurial nature of Hollywood casting, apparently this is the new list:

John Krasinski
Micheal Cassidy
Patrick Flueger
Scott Porter
Mike Vogel

We gotta say, we like all these guys from the work they've done (we've even interviewed Micheal Cassidy for Smallville)  but we can't help but think... what is this, the Bucky list? I mean the guys from the first list make sense (except Chad Micheal Murry), they're all big blonde dudes who you can see donning the mask, but Jim from the Office?  For real? Granted all these guys could be bulked up but we just don't see it. We had actually thought of Scott Porter for Cap last year, he seems the most likely of the new list.

That being said we'd be fine with these guys playing Bucky, he was one of the first sidekicks and he totally exploded trying to stop Baron Zemo! As far as sidekicks go he's pretty awesome, I mean as well as helping Captain America punch Hitler, Bucky and the Human Torch's sidekick Toro led a gang of youths in "Young Allies Comics". So take that Robin!


Our top pick is still Ryan McPartlin, I mean he's tall, muscular, blonde, and his character on Chuck is named Captain Awesome!!!

Picture Credits: Picture of Captain America property of Marvel (or is it Disney now?), photo of John John Krasinski property of the Gap, photo of Micheal Cassidy is property of the CW, Photo of Patrick Flueger, Scott Porter and Ryan McPartlin all property of NBC/Universal, photo of Mike Vogel via

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