Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic-Con 2009 Part 1

So we are back from San Diego and Comic-Con 2009 and it did not disappoint. I updated our twitter more this weekend then the entire time we've had it. I think I'll do that ever time we do an event like SDCC. So our SDCC blog will be out of order and just a bunch of our thoughts and memories but some of the topics will be Dollhouse, Human Target, Ray Bradbury, Astro Boy video game, Rod Roddenberry, and the floor of Comic-Con.

We didn't make it to too many panels (though any panel would have been more than the zero panels we attended last year), but the panels we were at were absolutely amazing. We got video & photos at the panels & on the floor so keep an eye on our website (and I will update here on the blog and on our twitter) to see when we get them up.

As usual it was packed and we did our best to push through the crowds to try and find out all the best info to talk about on the show and best of all we got some really cool interviews that we'll be playing on the show airing August 6th. Star Trek fans, get excited because you'll have the chance to hear what's up at Roddenberry straight from Rod Roddenberry (son of Gene Roddenberry & Majel Barrett). We also had a chance to talk to Cameron Rains who has been working hard on the Astro Boy video game so get ready to learn all about it.

Geek World love Comic-Con!


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