Friday, August 17, 2007

Wonder Woman, Woooo-Man!

Alright so this Wonder Woman movie will probably never get made. Joss Whedon wasted 2 years of his life writing the script he was supposed to direct only to have WB give him the thumbs down. Who even knows if the charecter can bring in an audience at this point, Lynda Carter's version stopped airing almost 18 years ago, and unlike Batman, Superman or Spiderman that also had tv versions in the 50's, 60's and 70's respectively, Wonder Woman just doesn't have the same mass appeal. I could be wrong and I hope I am if the movie does get made because I'm a big fan of the DC cannon, and Wonder Woman is a cool charecter.
But even if this movie is in a stand still, there's always going to be casting rumors. Lot's of names have been rumored for the part, I remember years ago Sandra Bullock's name being mentioned, and supposedly Joss had Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother in mind (but who knows maybe he was kidding?), even American Idol'r Katherine Mcphee (jeez, I mean she's hot, but I can only imagine her as like a Bond Girl or something). But the new casting rumor is down right horrible, like "Oh darn, your baby's a mutant freak horrible". Who could possibly be this bad of a choice?


What the Hell? Seriously? I mean it's just a rumor, and it seems like one she's propagating, but seriously? I mean let's not even get into the fact she might have bore the Anti-Christ, or if nothing else that weird ghost spirit from Ghost Busters II, but she's just a terrible, terrible actress. Listen, I know it's Wonder Woman, we don't need like Dame Judy Dench or Cate Blanchett or a "real actress" per-say, but freaking Katie Holmes? It's not bad enough she nearly ruined the amazing Batman Begins with her dinner theater acting? Now she needs to soil Wonder Woman? Does she own stock in Marvel? Did some one wearing a Green Lantern shirt hurt her when she was a child? The only thing I ever liked her in was Sam Raimi's The Gift and it was because of (Hey if you like under 18, don't click the link, NSFW) THIS heart warming scene. According to the article she wants to get back into acting and thinks this is a great role, please, please do not hire her WB.
Now on to who I think should play Wonder Woman. There was a time that I thought Jessica Biel would be perfect. She's beautiful, athletic and a pretty muscular, but not so much that she's unfeminite. I mean look at this.
You Must Have Seen These By Now
Apparently she can kinda act, according to some people who saw the Illusionist. I liked her abs alot in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and she was hot in Blade Trinity (easily one of the worst movies ever made), and she was really slutty in Rules Of Attraction, though I can't really tell if she can act. Either way Jessica Biel has taken a back seat to my new nominee who would be perfect for Wonder Woman, and that young lady is...
Michelle Ryan
I liked her in the Bionic Woman pilot, she's gorgeous, athletic, and kinda tall for a girl at 5'7, not exactly an amazon but that's pretty tall, though Lynda Carter is 5'9. She does action really well and got an american accent down really quickly, but it wasen't until we started watching the BBC show Jekyll that I knew she was perfect.
For one she can actually act, which made me happy because I wasen't so sure with the short BW pilot we saw at Comic-Con, but mostly she reminded me alot of Lynda Carter in the show. She has pulled back brown hair, she's in ridiculously tight clothes, and she's got a broader frame (only in that she's not some freaky meth stick, there's nothing un-feminite about this chick) that makes you believe she could put up a goodfight, and that she is more of an amazon.
So that's it, hell no on Katie, love ya Cobie, love ya Jessica, but the new British import Michelle Ryan gets my pick for WW, and Michelle you can totally lasso me with your Lasso Of Truth, I ain't going to lie to you baby.

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