Thursday, August 2, 2007

Comic Con Day 2: Their Back and This Time It's For Real!

We felt pretty wiped out after the first day, all the walking all the stuff to see, it was crazy. But alas the show must go on, we pulled ourselves outta bed and started day 2 of Comic Con.

We spent the morning walking through the middle of the floor where all the shiny neat stuff was like the Weta, Hasbro, Lucas Film, Marvel, DC, Heroes, Capcon, Playstation and all the other neat booths were. We got cool pictures of alot of the booths you can see HERE

We saw a big Optimus Prime, a recreation of the Ark of the Covenant for Indy 4, trippy Darth Vader Helmets, Lord Voldermort, the Mach 5 just crazy awesome stuff, Geektastic to the hizzie. After walking around for an hour or two we made our way upstairs to get the skinny on the new comics IDW is comming out with.

It was a real low-key layed back panel hosted by the publisher Chris Ryall, with Cory Doctorow, David and Scott Tipton (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Brian Lynch (Spike). First they talked about their Million Dollar Baby 30 Days of Night, the new movie comming out and the new comic book 30 Days of Night: Red Snow, written and illustrated by the artist for the original 30 Days Ben Templesmith. In this comic the vampires are in Russia during WWII.

-They talked about the Beowulf comic being adapted from the Neil Gaiman, Roger Avery script for the upcomming motion capture movie directed by Robert Zemekis. Written by Chris Ryall and with art by Gabriel Rodriguez it will come out in 4 weekly installments in october.

-Transformers: Search For Starscream (tentitive title), picks up right where the movie left off after Star Scream blasts out into space, but no Megatron changing into a tiny pistol? What gives?

- Star Trek: Year 4, single issue stories, each contained like a single episode from the original series, it's literally year 4 of the first 5 year mission. SWEET!!!

-Star Trek: Alien Spotlight, single issue comics based on some of the strange new life the enterprise has discovered over the different series. Scott and David Tipton will work on the first comic about the GORN set before the 2nd Star Trek movie. Followed by the fan favorite BORG written by Steve Niles who wrote 30 Days of Night, followed by VULCANS written by X-Men legend John Byrne.

-Star Trek: Intelligence Gathering, a 5 part series of aliens getting together (they explained it much more eloquently) written by Scott Tipton and illustrated by David Messina.

-Angel: After the Fall, this one we're really excited about, Brian Lynch who wrote Spike: Asylum will be writing the 6th season of Angel in comic form, and co-plotting the comics with Joss Whedon!!! Brian joked a few times that they all died, but one tidbit they did give was "Some people you thought were gone are gone, but some people you thought were gone forever might be returning" (AnnaMay thinks that means Fred might make a return, but who knows?) and it will run at least 12+ issues (can we do sequel to Smile Time written by Ben Edlund? Please!Please!).

-Dr. Who, all I really got from this is that it's the 10th Dr. Who and it looks very zany. Gary Russell who was a story editor on the TV series is part of the creative team on the comic.

-Speed Racer, kind of a new age version of Speed, reinvented for the new generation, wait a sec they changed Chim Chim? They're also revealing the Mach 6! Sweet!

-Zombies VS Robots VS Amazons, Written by Chris Ryall, what can I say that the title already doesn't?

We did alot on friday but I can only type so much! Dammit Jim I'm a radio host not a sternographer!


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