Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Not Our Fault The CW Wants You To Catch VD!!!

We've been receiving quite a few emails about peoples' bosses getting angry at us, and not letting their hard working employees listen to Geek World, because we had the audacity to mention an AD CAMPAIGN!

Hey, we didn't put it on a billboard.

BTW- We actually love The Vampire Diaries, it's just, come on, really?

If you workplace blocked 92.5 KYHY and you can't hear us anymore, email us at, and we'll let you know a different web link to tune in on. We'll try our best to avoid talking about catching VD in the future... but no promises (you might need to invest in a pair of earphones).

And kids, no matter what the CW says, be wary of VD!!

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